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WABE | Vehicle Donation Program

Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) is the cultural force of Atlanta that brings you WABE 90.1 FM. WABE is Atlanta's leader for NPR news, music, and the arts. Today, people turn to public broadcasting for their news, music, arts and entertainment. Yet, few people realize that public broadcasting began as "educational television" strictly a learning resource. As a broadcast service of Atlanta Public Schools in partnership with the Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative (AETC), PBA has never lost sight of its original mission. Education remains at the core of our operation at every level, from preschoolers to our elders.

Donate a car to WABE and help keep quality programming on-air. Each vehicle helps us continue to broaden perspectives, create joy, and expand knowledge for thousands of listeners, connecting people to each other and the world. Donate and make a difference today!

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to WABE!

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